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Could high customer satisfaction be silently killing your business?

A must-read book for savvy business leaders who want to uncover the hidden dangers that lie within high customer satisfaction and protect their valuable customer base.

Have you ever lost a customer unexpectedly?

To make matters worse, did you have an excellent relationship with them and receive positive feedback about your products and services?

Why did they leave?

Did you assume it was because of reasons outside of your control? Perhaps they even told you that?

What if the reason wasn’t outside your control?

What if it was something you could have influenced if you had only known where to look to uncover it?

Hi, I’m Susannah Simmons and I specialise in helping companies turn their new customers into loyal customers.

In my book, The Mystery of the Lost Customer, I reveal the hidden dangers that lie within high customer satisfaction.

With the help of a few friends, I showcase how customer and user wellbeing can unlock the secrets to building trust, fostering loyalty and growing recurring revenue in an increasingly complex and competitive world.

This book will equip you with the tools to uncover the truth, save your valuable customer base and help your business flourish.

So if you want to join the ranks of savvy leaders who dare to discover the silent killers in business:

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uncover the hidden dangers of high customer satisfaction

You might be wondering how high customer satisfaction could be a bad thing. It is not the high customer satisfaction itself that is the problem it is what those metrics, that data, might not be telling you that is the issue. Read The Mystery of the Lost Customer and you will discover:

that thinking beyond moment in time customer experience metrics can help your business to flourish

that mapping the power-interest dynamics of all your stakeholders can retain, and grow, your recurring revenue

that getting user commitment after purchase can unlock the full potential of your product for your customers

praise for the mystery of the lost customer

"This is a book for all business owners as it really made me think beyond the immediate client to the people using the product. As a training business owner, I have wrestled with balancing the needs/expectations of the client, who commissions, with the participants that I work with but I’ve never had it explained so clearly why this can be hard before! And thinking about the wider impact of ‘selling a product’. Susannah takes us on such a lively journey using a story which is entertaining and thought provoking. Her images are fabulous and bring home that any product has to survive contact with real workplaces."
Dr. Emma Williams
Founder and Owner, EJW Solutions Ltd.
"An engaging, unconventional business book that redefines the understanding of customer satisfaction. A fascinating, quick read that will leave you questioning long-held beliefs."
Praise for The Mystery of the Lost Customer from Debbie Jenkins
Debbie jenkins
Asset Creation Coach and author of Stop Writing Books Nobody Reads and Stop Buying Books Nobody Buys
"Susannah crafts an accessible stealth textbook, in the form of an easy-to-read conversational, small but mighty business book. As a business owner, The Mystery Of The Lost Customer, gave me a new way to view my business through the lens of its functioning wellbeing. The genius model of ‘PERMEATE’ will encourage you to approach your business from a wellbeing point of view – what a great takeaway plus all those resources! A trainer’s dream. Thank you."
Anna Marsden
Anna Marsden
Trainer & Coach at Luminescence Communications
"Susannah has created a story within a story that will entertain and, more importantly, educate. We all learn that give a person a hammer and everything looks like a nail. But if you have bolts that need nuts threaded on, then it does not matter how fancy the hammer is, it still won’t work. Susannah’s PERMEATE model will help you understand what your customers and employees really need to create success."
Praise for The Mystery of the Lost Customer from Dan Kowalski
Dan Kowalski
Solution Instigator and author of W.I.S.E. Choices At Work

meet the author

Hi, I’m Susannah Simmons, the Software Adoption Doctor.

I fell into IT training over 20 years ago after graduating from Plymouth university with my degree in business studies. I started out training on MS Office applications before moving on to more niche customer experience products and processes. I have worked in a wide range of industries including software, new homes, financial services, public sector, marketing and charities.

I am a big supporter of digital transformation and I firmly believe that to be successful, the tools need to be considered in the context of the processes and the people. This means that, whether doing the work myself (I like to get my hands dirty from time to time), or coaching others to do it, my past projects have focused on change management, stakeholder engagement, business analysis, project management, communication, training design and delivery including supporting resources and documentation.

I am considered and empathic. I actively listen and put myself in the stakeholders’ shoes to design and deliver programmes that satisfy all their needs.  I help users to feel excited about their new tools and processes and to feel confident, competent and committed to the change.

When I am not being the Software Adoption Doctor, you will find me helping people get fit and stay fit as the Feel Good Fitness Coach or spending time with the ‘Gourmet Globetrotters’ my husband (Dom) and my daughter (Harriet).

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